Jewelry: Circles of Love

A time comes when you simply know youare with “the one.”

The question then becomes just a matterof when, where and how. When will he ask?Where will he ask? How will he ask? Or shouldI ask him?

There are as many delightful stories ofproposals as there are couples – some simple,some elaborate, but each with its own specialmeaning. And it is much the same for theengagement ring – some simple, some elaborate,but each with its own special meaning forthe bride and groom-to-be.

Often a man will want to surprise hisintended with an engagement ring. Often,however, the couple will discuss ahead oftime the style and type of ring she would liketo have.

In choosing your ring, keep in mind thatonly three people need to be involved – you,your fiancé and your jeweler. Discuss your feelingswith your fiancé, being honest and realisticabout the size, cost and style

An engagement ring can be the traditionaldiamond solitaire or you can select from anarray of stones such as sapphires, emeraldsor rubies, particularly popular for secondmarriages. Many brides-to-be opt for a combinationof a diamond and another gem – herbirthstone perhaps. Some couples choose theirstone or stones first, then select a mounting orhave one custom-designed. Heirloom piecesalso can be reset or redesigned.

Should you decide to shop for a traditionaldiamond, you will quickly becomeaware of the four c’s – color, cut, clarity andcarat. A reputable jeweler will help you fullyunderstand their meaning and suggest a ringthat is perfect for you.

Whether you and your fiancé decide ona diamond or a different engagement stone,you will want to get a written guarantee on thering and have it registered. Ask your jeweler fora written certification of the stone’s grade andidentity. Also, have the ring appraised by anindependent appraiser.

Finally, remember that there is greatpotential to lose a ring somewhere betweenthe jeweler and the altar. Don’t wait anotherminute to have your ring insured. This goes forthe wedding bands as well. After all, any tearsyou shed at this wonderful time should behappy ones.