Videography: Sights and Sounds

“Ihave just finished watching our weddingvideo for the first time. I know I will watch it formany years. It really took us back. Just watchingthe video, my heart pounded just as it did onMay 17 at 5:58 p.m.”– a California bride

A wedding video can be one of yourbest values and most memorable means ofsaving and savoring your wedding day.

It will give you the opportunity to experienceparts of your wedding day that youmight have forgotten or not even seen.

Imagine not only the sights of the daycaptured forever but the sounds and feelingsas well. Your wedding video will take youback again and again to that special day. Itwill serve as a wonderful part of anniversarycelebrations in years to come and delightfuture generations.

Couples use their wedding videos notonly as personal mementos but also as giftsto their parents, as well as sending them toout-of-town friends or relatives who werenot able to attend the wedding.

Because wedding videos play such animportant role in preserving your memories,it is important you take special care in selectinga professional videographer.

As is true for other wedding professionals,popular wedding dates are bookedwith many videographers a year or more inadvance. It is important to begin your searchearly for a quality videographer. Allow asmuch time as you would for the selectionof your photographer and no less than sixmonths if possible.

The quality of videos varies greatly, as docosts. Prices generally range from $700 for abasic video to more than $3,000 for a high-endvideo. Just as you would not price shopfor a selection of wedding gowns withoutseeing them first, it is wise not to price-shopvideographers without seeing the actualvideo recordings. It is important to see avideographer’s work so you can evaluatethe quality you receive for the price.

Most videographers offer packages.Coverage time and feature options canbe adjusted to fi t your budget. To preventmisunderstandings, complete and sign acontract agreement with the videographeryou select.

A wedding video can be one of the mostexciting and moving ways to documentthe beginning of your life together as amarried couple. It’s worth the time it takesto evaluate your selection of a professionalvideographer and invest in the best.