Photography: Captured Memories

Time has away of playing with our memories.Even the memories of special days can begin to fadeas the years pass by. That’s why it is so importantthat a record of your wedding day be preservedpermanently by a professional photographer whoknows how to discover and capture the treasuredmoments of your day.

Selecting your photographer

Quality photographers are usuallybooked months in advance. If possible, youshould begin your search for a photographersix to nine months before your weddingdate. Don’t depend on a friend or a familymember to take candid shots. Even thoughthey may have good intentions, there is nosubstitute for a professional.

The wedding photographer you chooseshould be someone with whom you feelcomfortable and whose photographic styleyou admire. Ask to see samples of previouswork by the photographer, including albumsof recent weddings.

Once you have selected your photographeryou will want to work out a contractagreement. The agreement should name theperson who will actually photograph yourwedding. It also should include such items asthe date and hours to be worked, overtimefees, attire of the photographer and the costof the complete photographic package. Thecost will be determined once you and yourphotographer have discussed the types ofpictures you wish to have and how you wantyour album to look.

Before the wedding day

By looking at a number of differentwedding albums you will begin to geta feel for what you want in your album.Discuss your ideas with your photographer.There are many options open to you, butthe trend in this area is toward a more candidlook in albums. You will, of course, wantthe formal shots of you and your groom,parents and grandparents and the weddingparty, but the impromptu shots areoften the ones most remembered.

The wedding day

On your wedding day many peoplewill want to share this special time withyou and your groom. Make an eff ort tohave your posed shots taken as quickly aspossible after the ceremony so your guestswill not have to wait unnecessarily for yourarrival at the reception.

Most importantly, remember that this isyour wedding day. Relax, smile and enjoy.You will be creating memories that you willshare and cherish for years to come.