Health and Beauty: Breathtaking Loveliness

On your wedding day you will want to look andfeel your most radiant ever. Enhance the glow ofyour love through a healthy lifestyle and someprofessional advice.

Be good to yourself

The most beautiful bride is one whoseglow comes from within. To ensure that youare at your luminous best, there are simple andeff ective steps you can take, which are reallyno more than common-sense good habitsthat you should establish anyway, just becauseyou’ll feel better for it.

Remember to eat well, drink lots of water,exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep duringthe same hours each night. Don’t get intoa habit of staying up late one night and goingto bed early the next to catch up.

If you are beginning a new exercise, dietor vitamin routine, start well in advance ofyour wedding date. Not allowing enoughtime to see results before the weddingwill only cause you to feel disappointedand frustrated.

For advice on health and fi tness regimens,consult with a professional at a reputablehealth club or a nutrition center or contactyour personal physician.

You also should remember to take timeout. During the planning stages of your weddingyou will be under substantially more stressthan usual. Setting aside time for yourself eachday will help you wind down and give you aretreat from the wedding whirlwind.

Work out at a health club, take a walk, relaxin a bubble bath or read a good book. You’llbe both rested and rejuvenated and ready totackle that wedding with renewed energy andenthusiasm.

Fabulous, fantastic you

Once you’ve decided on a wedding date,you’ll need to call your makeup artist and yourhairdresser. For the most important event ofyour life, you don’t want to take a chance thatyour stylists will not be available. Be sure tocontact both professionals early to scheduleconsultations and subsequent appointments.

Considering not using a makeup artist?Think again. With a day full of events that willbe captured in photographs and videos, you’llwant to make sure that your makeup is appliedjust right for the lighting and to keep you lookingbeautiful throughout the celebration.

As you confer with your hairstylist, discussexactly what look you’re trying to achieve.Then start working toward that end.

This is where early planning is important. Ifyour hair is damaged or you have color issues,plenty of lead time is critical to getting yourcrowning glory looking glorious again. And ifyou’d like the more romantic appeal of a longerstyle, there’s no time like the present to getthose tresses growing. You might think of it interms of “Today is the first day of the rest ofyour hair.”