The Ultimate Wedding Confection

When the time comes to select yourincredible edibles, you’ll want to makesure you’re fully informed and prepared.These guidelines will help you find theperfect cake for the perfect couple:

• Ask your cake designer to show you aportfolio or bring along pictures of cakesthat are eye-catching. Photos shouldportray colors, styles and embellishments,such as fresh blossoms, a specifictopper or anything personal you’d like toincorporate.

• If your cake plans include fl orals, besure to coordinate them with the colorsand types of flowers you’ll have in yourwedding. Style also is a necessary pieceof information to provide so that yourtheme is consistent. A swatch of yourcolors — even your dress — can helpyour cake expert pull it all together.

• Naturally, your cake must be stunning,and with so many wonderful flavors andcombinations available, it can be everybit as delicious as it looks. Ask if you canschedule a tasting consultation. Somedesigners offer this service, and youshould take advantage if it is available.(Hint: Bring your fiancé along – it’s atasty way to keep him involved in theplanning.)

• Location, location, location. Knowingwhere and when the wedding will beheld is important to your cake maker.For instance, if your reception will beoutside, certain ingredients will workbetter than others. Not only do you needto secure the date with your designer,but the time of year also may affect yourchoices.

• How many guests will be at your reception?You should have at least a goodestimate before ordering so you candetermine how much cake you will need,including enough extra to save for thatfirst anniversary.

• Finally, consider your budget. Determiningeven a ballpark figure of what youcan afford will help both you and yourpastry professional come to a solutionthat will work for everyone. No ideahow to budget? Many cake designers setprices based on the number of guestsyou anticipate, so knowing your guestcount can give you a general idea of whatto expect.