Cakes: Confectionery Wonders

One of the richest, and certainly most delicious, ofwedding traditions is the wedding cake. Whetheryou will celebrate with a few close friends or a partyof 300 guests, the wedding cake can be a gloriouscenterpiece to the festivities.

In today’s world of choice and variety,the traditional, tiered, white wedding cakehas given way to an assortment of flavors,such as chocolate mint, hazelnut andcheesecake, and to many different designsand shapes. Influences of other countrieshave brought us wedding cakes decoratedwith luscious buttercream, as well aselegant rolled fondant.

Fresh flowers adorn many weddingcakes; others are decorated with handmademarzipan flowers. These gum-pasteflowers are edible or can serve as keepsakes,ideal for use on an anniversary cake.

You may already have an idea in mindof the perfect wedding cake. To get additionalideas, you can look through bridalmagazines and cake decorating books.Most bakers will have photos of their work,which might spark new ideas for you aswell.

Whatever you can dream, someone canprobably create it, but do keep practicalityand cost in mind. Pay careful attentionthat your cake reflects your wedding styleand complements your color scheme. Theflavor and icing also should be appropriatefor the season of the year and the weather,particularly if the reception is held outside.

Reception sites often provide weddingcakes. Otherwise, you will want to hire aprofessional cake designer.

When selecting your cake designer, you should plan ahead at least three to sixmonths. Remember, the more sought-afterbakers will be booked early. Ask to seeactual wedding cakes they have preparedor pictures of their creations. You mighteven have a chance to sample someflavors.

Establish what services are provided,such as delivery and setup and exactlywhat is covered in the cost. The price of thewedding cake itself can vary, depending onthe size, flavor and intricacy of the design.Your baker will help you in determining thesize of cake needed for your reception.

Regardless of how large or small, simpleor intricate your wedding cake, it is a specialtreat for your guests and a symbol richin tradition. As you and your groom sharethe first piece of cake, it symbolizes yourwillingness to share your lives with eachother. May your life together be as deliciousas the cake.