Floral Delights

Flowers symbolize the beginning of your new lifetogether, unfolding with the promise of growth inlove and devotion. Your careful choice of flowerswill add much more than simple decorations at yourwedding. Whether you wish to create the romanticfeel of a garden or the high style of contemporarydesign, flowers will enhance the beauty and eleganceof the ceremony and make a gorgeous setting foryour reception.

Wedding flowers

When selecting the flowers for yourwedding, remember that you maychoose from either fresh or silk flowers.They are both beautiful, and it is really amatter of personal choice.

Probably the best thing you can doin selecting the right flowers for yourwedding is to find an experienced fl oralprofessional. A professional can guideyou and advise you on what is mostappropriate for your wedding.

You should begin interviewingfloral artists at least four to six monthsbefore your wedding. Look for a personwho will give you special attentionand listen to your needs and desires.Remember to ask to see samples ofthe artist’s work. Many experiencedfl oral designers throughout the areaoffer beautiful artistry, with an array offlowers from alstromeria to stephanotis,which is acknowledged as the weddingflower.

Once you have found the designerwith whom you are comfortable andwhose work you admire, discuss tastesand preferences, the season and styleof your wedding and your budget. Takewith you fabric swatches and a descriptionof your gown and the bridesmaids’gowns. This will help in the choice ofcolors and give a clear idea of the lookyou want to create.

Your floral professional can tell youwhat flowers are readily available duringthe season of your wedding. If youare using silk flowers, they should alsogo with the season. If your ceremonyis being held in a church, determine ifthere are any restrictions on the typeor number of fl oral arrangements anddecorations that can be used.

Bride’s bouquet

The bridal bouquet should be themost beautiful bouquet in the weddingparty, whether it’s a single spectacularflower or a dramatic arrangement ofmany flowers and colors. If you usefresh flowers in your bouquet, youmay want to have them preserved as akeepsake of your wedding.