Finding the Perfect Gown

For a dress as important as your weddinggown, you want to do all you can toensure you find exactly what you want, andvisiting a full-service salon is a great wayto get off on the right foot. At one of theseshops you can expect to find a selectionof quality gowns, along with a full line ofaccessories, including veils, shoes, jewelryand even guest books and other incidentals.And all products are guaranteed incase there is a problem. Seamstresses areavailable to do alterations on-site, andyour dress will be pressed at least once,sometimes twice, before the day of yourwedding.

Store consultants will give you personalattention and can advise you not only onyour own gown but also on bridesmaids’dresses and other details. Many salons offerWeb sites for your convenience — great forresearch, but you should not purchase yourgown through the Internet. For somethingthis special, you don’t want to take anychances, and nothing can replace face-to-faceservice that bridal professionals willprovide you.

Some helpful hints for when you’reready to start the quest for your dream dress:

  • • Don’t shop yourself into confusion.While you will want to try on several differentstyles of dresses, don’t try on everygown in town. If you try on a dress andyou think it’s beautiful, buy it.
  • • Consider shopping on your own — atleast initially. Later, you can show yourmom or your best friend your twofavorite dresses to see what they think.
  • • Wear the proper undergarments andshoes when trying on gowns. Bring astrapless bra, petticoat and heels whenyou shop.
  • • Ask if your dress can be customized.For instance, some dresses can beordered with a different sleeve or train.
  • • Expect alterations. They are almostalways necessary, usually at an additionalcharge.
  • • Consider your budget. Weddingdresses vary from several hundreddollars to several thousand. Th e fabric,ornamentation and designer all affectthe price. Ask your bridal consultantabout samples and discontinued styles.They can be wonderful bargains for afraction of the cost.
  • • Remember, you alone will wear thisdress. You have to look good in it andhave confidence that you look good init. After all, you are the star of the day —you want to shine.
  • • Be happy with your selection. Whenyou find the perfect gown, you’ll knowit — don’t settle for less.

  • Want a custom-made gown?

    For a truly one-of-a-kind gown, acouturier is the way to go. A couturier willtake the time to talk with you about thestyle you have in mind and can suggestfabrics and detailing that will work best torealize the gown you envision. You maybring photos or sketches of gowns youlike. But start your search early. Skilleddressmakers may be booked for more thana year in advance.