Bridal Registry

Though many brides are initially uncomfortable withthe idea of bridal registry, it can and should be one ofthe most enjoyable experiences of the wedding preparations.It is a time when you and your fiancé willchoose the things that will be a part of your lifestylefor years to come.

If you are uncomfortable with the ideaof asking for what you want, rememberyou are giving your friends and relatives theopportunity to help you build your dreams.The bridal registry is a gift to your guestsas it makes their shopping easier and moreenjoyable. You also avoid getting duplicateor unwanted gifts.

Most major department stores andnational specialty shops offer free computerizedbridal registry. This service isparticularly helpful if you have out-of-townguests. They can make a simple phonecall to select a gift, visit on the Internet orperhaps shop at a branch store.

A number of specialty shops also havebridal registry and can offer wonderfulpersonalized service. Check with specialtyshops that carry unique items. Considerlinen shops, antique or small gift shops,jewelry stores, stationery shops, kitchenshops, or bookstores. Use your imaginationand enjoy the adventure.

Of course, you will want your fiancé togo on this adventure with you. After all, theitems you select will furnish the home youwill share together. Chances are both of youwill already have some household items, soconsider what you need before registering.Ask a professional to help you in coordinatingall the aspects of setting up your newhousehold. Complimentary services areavailable in many stores and you will findthem to be a tremendous help.

If your fiancé bogs down in the chinadepartment, include a trip to the hardwarestore for small appliances, yard equipmentor electrical tools, or go to an outdoors storefor barbecue, patio or camping equipment.There are all kinds of items you need whenyou get married!

In making your selections in any storebe sure to choose items that are likely to bein stock for several months or can be easilyordered. Give your guests a selection of giftsfrom which they can choose and includeitems in several different price ranges.

After you’ve made your choices you cansit back. While it is inappropriate to includebridal registry information in wedding invitations,your mother and friends will let othersknow where you have registered, either byword of mouth or by including informationon shower invitations. All you need to do isenjoy the special gifts you will receive andsend your thank-you notes!