Rentals: Surprising Touches

As in planning any celebration, you’ll want to create acertain ambiance for your wedding festivities. Manycaterers and party planners will take care of everydetail, from the menu to the music. But, if you areplanning your own wedding or simply want to addsome extra touches, look to a party-rental store.

Everything imaginable is available, suchas tables and chairs, fine china, elegantserving pieces, gorgeous linens and romanticlighting. Just a few of these items cancreate a wedding that is uniquely you andone that will long be remembered.

When selecting a rental store, look forquality, dependable service and expertadvice. You should put as much considerationinto choosing a rental store as youwould in selecting your cake decorator orphotographer. After all, the service and thequality of the items the store provides willplay a significant role in the most importantevent in your life.

Take time to meet with the service representativeswell ahead of your wedding.They can show you the many items availableand perhaps make some suggestionsyou might not have considered.

For instance, the beautiful assortmentof tents available today could convince youthat an outdoor wedding is a must.

While looking around, be consciousof the mood and style you want to create.Something as simple as table linens canmake a tremendous impression as yourguests arrive at the reception. You can carryout your color scheme by choosing fromsolids of every color in the rainbow or adda bit of the outdoors with beautiful fl oralprints. For simple elegance, select lovelylace, damask or organza cloths.

No one thing can create mood andatmosphere more than lighting. Dramaticcandles or strands of tiny white lights cantransform a regular reception room into abeautiful, romantic setting. Hurricane lampsor luminarias can do the same foran outdoor wedding.

You can rent numerous items for yourfestivities, such as champagne fountains,candelabras and ice sculpture forms. Youmay fi nd you want them all, but keep inmind practicality and your budget. Theitems you rent should add to your festivities,not distract. Be careful not to have toomany things going on. After all, you andyour groom should be the center of attention.Your service professional will guideyou in the right direction.