Stationery and Invitations

A beautiful invitation, a heartfelt thank-you note— both mirror the warmth and happiness you feelat this special time in your life. All your weddingstationery is a reflection of you and your wedding.It should be chosen with as much care as is given inchoosing your bridal attire.


The invitation is the first impression yourguests will have of your wedding. It will play theimportant role of telling friends and family thatyou want them to be a part of this wonderfulday. You want to create good feelings themoment your invitation is received.

You can select from an assortment ofpapers, colors and styles for your invitation. Youcan remain as traditional as you wish or createsomething that is unique to you.

Formal invitations should be ordered at leastthree months in advance. When ordering invitationsof any kind, order additional ones in casemore are needed to keep as mementos. Sendseveral to your future mother-in-law, and let herknow when the invitations have been mailed toguests.

Consider ordering envelopes in advanceso you can have them addressed and ready togo. It’s a good idea to order extra envelopes incase of mistakes in addressing. If you are havinga large wedding, you might want to considerhiring a calligrapher to assist.

Invitations should be mailed four to sixweeks before the wedding. If your wedding isduring the summer or holiday season, considermailing your invitations eight weeks before thewedding as people are likely to be traveling atthose times.

When ordering the invitations, don’t overlookenclosures you need to send along with theinvitation. These might include response cards,hotel reservation cards or directional cards.

Your invitations and other wedding stationerycan be ordered from stationery shops,department stores, specialty shops and printshops. Consultants there will be able to assistyou in the selection and proper wording. Justas in choosing a caterer or photographer, shoparound. Make sure you have chosen a professionalwho will give you expert advice andservice.


If you have a small wedding, you may beunable to invite some friends and relatives. Youwill want to notify them of your marriage with anannouncement. The announcements should bemailed immediately after the wedding.


Enough can’t be said about the importanceof a personal handwritten thank-you note. First,it assures your guests you have received theirgifts. Second, and perhaps more importantly, itis an opportunity for you to share your delightin their thoughtfulness. If the thank-you note iswritten after the wedding, you will want to letthem know how much their presence at yourwedding meant to you or how much they weremissed if they were unable to attend.


  • __Save-the-date cards
  • __Wedding invitations
  • __Announcement cards
  • __Reception cards
  • __R.S.V.P. cards
  • __Outer envelopes
  • __Inner envelopes
  • __Thank-you notes
  • __Ceremony programs
  • __Napkins
  • __Seating place cards
  • __Reception favors
  • __Personal stationery
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