Locations: Setting the Scene

The reception is the celebration of one of the mostjoyous moments in your life with those closest toyou. Filled with tradition and symbolic foods, thereception weaves family and friends together as theygreet you for the fi rst time as husband and wife.

Because the location of your receptionis one of the most important aspects ofyour wedding festivities, it is crucial thatyou select and reserve your reception locationwell in advance. You can choose froma host of places such as a church or templefellowship hall, a hotel ballroom, someone’shome, a country club or a private partyroom in a restaurant.

If you marry during a season of reliablygood weather, lake sites, gardensand arboretums can add beauty to yourwedding reception. Many public parksand historical sites off er both indoor andoutdoor facilities. Check with county parksand recreation departments throughoutthe area for availability of public sites.To create a reception that is uniquelyyours, use your imagination in choosinga location. Check on the availability ofrestored mansions, bed-and-breakfast inns,art or antiques galleries and even farmhouses.

The number of guests, the style of yourwedding and your budget will play a majorrole in your fi nal decision. Do try to includeall wedding guests at your reception.A reception of cake and champagne for allcan be more meaningful than a sit-downdinner for a few.

In selecting a reception location, keepthese questions in mind: Is there suffi cientspace for the number of guests? Is the locationconvenient, and does it off er adequateand accessible parking? Will the facility becomfortable for the guests? Will the lightingand acoustics provide the atmosphereyou want? If you wish to serve alcoholicbeverages, are they permitted? Does thelocation provide catering and cleanupservices?

Regardless of the location, you wantto be assured of a smooth-fl owing reception.We suggest that you ask a friend toplay the important role of keeping an eyeon the overall reception. If any problemsarise, this person can handle them alongwith the necessary professional. This serviceis a wonderful gift for a friend to give. Itwill free you and your parents to relax andenjoy your reception as the celebration it ismeant to be.