Wedding Timetable

Ideally, you will have all the time in the world to plan your wedding. Realistically, however, there are careers to manage, meetings or classes to attend, and the sometimes hectic routine of daily life. The biggest favor you can do for yourself in planning your wedding is to start as early as possible. California Weds encourages you to reserve your ceremony and reception locations as soon as you have determined your approximate wedding date. (The availability of these locations may determine your actual wedding date.) Then contact the businesses whose services you will need. With them, you can develop a schedule that will allow time for you to complete everything you need by your wedding date. It will also allow the professionals the amount of time they need to do a quality job. The calendar we have developed is to serve only as a guideline. Many of you will have more than twelve months for your planning, others only a few weeks. Regardless of the amount of time you have, organize yourself and carefully plan your wedding step by step. April, May, June, September and October are the busiest wedding months on the Central Coast. Top professionals are often booked for these months well over a year in advance.

Nine to Twelve Months:

  • __Announce your engagement.
  • __Select your wedding date.
  • __Meet with clergy to discuss premarital requirements such as classes, counseling, etc.
  • __Create a budget.
  • __Determine style of wedding.
  • __Choose a bridal consultant, if desired.
  • __Select your bridal party.
  • __Determine size of guest list.
  • __Select and reserve locations for wedding and reception.
  • __Begin shopping for wedding rings.
  • __Interview and select professionals to assist you. Caterer, Baker, Florist, Musicians, Photographer, Videographer, etc. Remember top professionals are oft en booked a year or more in advance.

Six to Nine Months:
  • __ Decide on your color scheme.
  • __ Select your gown, headpiece, andaccessories.
  • __ Choose attire for attendants.
  • __ Begin planning details of ceremony andreception.
  • __ Complete arrangements with serviceprofessionals. Sign contracts and paydeposits.
  • __ Begin your health and beauty regimen.
  • __ Make appointments with beautyprofessionals to decide on the perfectbridal look for you.

Four to Six Months:
  • __ Order invitations, announcements,thank-you notes and stationery.
  • __ Finalize guest list.
  • __ See that all wedding attire is orderedand fittings scheduled.
  • __ Mothers should select their dresses.
  • __ Select and order wedding rings.
  • __ Shop for trousseau.
  • __ Select bridal registry.
  • __ Arrange accommodations for out-of-townguests.
  • __ Make honeymoon arrangements.
  • __ Begin addressing invitations andannouncements once received.
  • __ Have a hair and makeup “rehearsal”with headpiece in place.

Two to Four Months:
  • __ Sit for formal portrait.
  • __ Plan bridesmaids’ luncheon.
  • __ Groom’s family plans rehearsal dinner.
  • __ Order wedding cake and groom’s cake.
  • __ Review details and scheduling witheach service professional.

Two months:
  • __ Review details with serviceprofessionals.
  • __ Review ceremony with clergy.
  • __ Schedule rehearsal.
  • __ Make health and beauty appointments.
  • __ Mail invitations four to six weeks priorto wedding date.
  • __ Select gift s for parents, groom,attendants and others (soloist,consultant, etc.).
  • __ Purchase accessories such as toastinggoblets, ring bearer’s pillow, garter, cakeknife, etc.
  • __ Complete trousseau shopping.
  • __ Record gift s as they arrive and sendthank-you notes.

Four to Six Weeks:
  • __ Finalize details with the clergy and allservice professionals.
  • __ Set a date to get marriage license andcomplete other official details i.e. namechange on all credit cards, driver’slicense, change of address forms, etc.
  • __ Arrange final fittings for you and yourattendants.
  • __ Ensure that all accessories are in order.
  • __ Check on men’s formal-wear.
  • __ Complete transportation arrangements.
  • __ Have groom pick up wedding rings.

One Week:
  • __ Review final details with serviceprofessionals (florist, baker,photographer, musicians and anyothers).
  • __ Give caterer final guest count.
  • __ Confirm honeymoon reservations andfinish packing.
  • __ Confirm rehearsal dinner plans.
  • __ Ask someone to help you with last-minutedetails.

Day Before Wedding:
  • __ Visit with out-of-town guests.
  • __ Gather everything you will need forwedding.
  • __ Share a quiet moment with your fiancé.
  • __ Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • __ Get a good night’s sleep!

The Wedding Day:
  • __ Allow yourself a moment alone to relaxand let any worrying subside.
  • __ Be pampered—have hair and make-updone.
  • __ Enjoy this beautiful day!