Pet Tales: Animals love the warm weather

On a sunny day last weekend, my boyfriend Trent and I took Rufus, Cisco and Kahlua to the beach in Cayucos for a play day where the five of us tried to keep from getting tangled in their leashes or stumbling over rocks. I was amazed to see how many people and dogs were at the beach — there must have been hundreds.

All three dogs were pretty good for the amount of running around and sniffing that went on. We played on the sand and stole other dogs’ balls. Kahlua is a tennis-ball freak, and if you have one of these dogs, you know what I’m talking about. We gave the balls back and then we played in the ocean. We returned home wet, slobbery and sandy — it was the best way to spend a beautiful 80 degree Saturday afternoon in February. You have to love the weather here.

Paso Robles’ Park-4-Pups hopes to enjoy some sunshine Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon during its Dog Lover’s Coffee Hour at the recently opened dog walk at Centennial Park. Dogs and their two-legged companions are invited to learn more about the recently opened dog walk at Centennial Park, 600 Nickerson Drive. Dogs must be on a leash and rain cancels the event. For more information, call 239-4437.

Gus’ recipe box

Ed and Rosalyn Parsons of Grover Beach sent me a story about their wheaten-colored Cairn terrier, Gus (Gustafer or Asparagus), who "lived up to his breed’s reputation."

"He loved helping to open everyone’s gifts but his world was complete when I received a recipe on a postcard that squeaked," wrote Rosalyn. "He went bonkers every time I took out the recipe box because he knew it was good for a few good squeaks before he was removed from the room."

The Parsonses decided to copy the recipe and put it in a different box. They left the squeaky card in the box and dedicated that recipe box to Gus. "Whenever he needed a little pick-me-up, I got out Gus’ recipe box and let him have some fun with the card."

A few months after Trent and I moved into our new house, Rufus found a squeaky toy in the backyard. We’d never bought him a squeaky toy before, and this became his new obsession. He had to have it wherever he was. We even taught him a command to squeak the toy. Last week, Trent went into the backyard and found the fluffy leftovers from the toy and a tennis ball-size squeaker in Rufus’ mouth. Needless to say, the squeaker still has to be with him at all times.

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