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12 Days of Christmas contest | Day 3

Question of the day for Thursday, Dec. 16

What's your favorite holiday song?

Day 3's contest is over! Click here to enter the latest 12 Days of Christmas contest.

The Tribune wants to make the holidays a little happier — with a $50 Visa gift card!

As part of our 12 Days of Christmas contest, we’re giving away a $50 Visa gift card to one lucky commenter every day from Dec. 14 to Dec. 25. And one of those 12 winners could be you!

Here’s how the contest works:

1. Each day at midnight, we’ll post a holiday-themed question of the day.

2. To enter the contest, simply answer that day’s question in the comments section below. You have until 11:59 p.m., which is when each day’s contest closes.

3. The following morning, we’ll hold a random drawing to select the winner from among all the valid entries. The winner will be announced on the next question of the day.

Sounds easy, right? Now before you post your comment, here are some things you should know:

  • We’ll accept only one entry per person each day. So you only need to comment one time on each question for a chance to win. Please don’t try to trick us by posting comments from multiple accounts — that’ll land you on Santa’s naughty list, and you’ll be disqualified from the contest.
  • You must post a comment with your Facebook, Twitter, Disqus or account. Keep in mind that if you post a comment using Facebook or Twitter, and you used your real name when you signed up on Facebook/Twitter, your real name will likely be displayed with your comment. If you run into technical difficulties trying to set up an account, send an e-mail to with a description of the problem and we’ll help you out.
  • Make sure your e-mail address is correct. We’ll contact the winner via the email address associated with the account that posted the comment. If you used a Facebook or Twitter account to post a comment, we’ll contact you through those services. If we can't get a hold of you, you won't get a prize. So make sure to check your e-mail!
  • Keep your comment in the holiday spirit. If we have to delete your comment because it’s rude or offensive, you’ll be disqualified from the contest.

Good luck, and thanks for playing!

Day 3's contest is over! Click here to enter the latest 12 Days of Christmas contest.

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