Daniels Wood Land, BarrelHouse Brewing to be featured on reality show

John Daniels, left, and Ron Daniels in a redwood forest.
John Daniels, left, and Ron Daniels in a redwood forest. Animal Planet

Two Paso Robles businesses will share the spotlight Friday when the reality show “Redwood Kings” premieres on Animal Planet.

The episode showcases custom woodworking company Daniels Wood Land Inc. and its next-door neighbor on Limestone Way, BarrelHouse Brewing Co. The brewery will host a public viewing party this evening featuring beer, food and live music.

“It’s just a way to bring the community in and show them what their neighbors are up to,” said Jason Carvalho, CEO, co-owner and co-founder of BarrelHouse Brewing.

One of a handful of human-centered shows on Animal Planet that includes “Treehouse Masters” and “Ice Lake Rebels,” “Redwood Kings” focuses on Daniels Wood Land, a company specializing in custom wood carvings, tree houses, shooting galleries and theme park façades founded by twin brothers Ron and John Daniels in 1997. (Their older brother, master welder Jim Daniels, also works for the company.)

Working with a staff of 44, including artists, carpenters, designers and engineers, the Daniels brothers transform reclaimed pieces of wood into works of art.

“We don’t call the lumber store and buy a stack of wood. We go out and find a fallen tree,” Ron Daniels explained. “There’s a spirit and an energy and a feel and a vibe to the work that you just don’t see anywhere else.”

In Friday’s episode, Daniels Wood Land teams up with Barrelhouse Brewing to create a custom “timeline table” from the cross-section of a 1,500-year-old sequoia. Viewers also watch the company design and build an elaborate pirate-themed tree house for a San Diego couple’s grandchildren.

According to Carvalho, the table uses the tree’s growth rings to chart historical events such as the invention of gunpowder in China and the arrival of explorer Christopher Columbus in the New World.

The finished table, which measures 10 inches thick and about 8 feet across, now stands in BarrelHouse Brewing’s half-acre beer garden, Carvalho said.

“It’s a nice way to marry our two personalities and do something fun and functional as well,” he said, adding that the table fits with the brewery’s “nice, warm rustic look.” BarrelHouse Brewing, which opened in February 2013, achieves its vintage vibe with the use of reclaimed bricks, barn wood and windows.

Carvalho said BarrelHouse Brewing got involved in “Redwood Kings” about three months ago.

During breaks from filming at Daniels Wood Land, the Animal Planet crewmembers would often hang out in the brewery’s beer garden. That’s how they got the idea of having the two companies collaborate on camera, he said.

Other episodes of “Redwood Kings” will find Daniels Wood Land crafting a working replica of a Gold Rush-era millhouse and water wheel in Kettleman City and designing the San Francisco Dungeon attraction at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Filming started this spring and continues this week as shop foreman Mark Sylvestre and his crew install replica ships at a maritime museum in Ottawa, Canada, John Daniels said.

“Our show, because of the cool things we do speaks to people on a whole different level,” Ron Daniels said. “It inspires them and it fosters some hope. It’s going to change people’s lives that way.”

According to Karin Failla, Animal Planet’s director of publicity, six episodes of “Redwood Kings” will air Fridays in August and early September. An enhanced version of the pilot episode aired in November 2013.