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Here are this week's audio clips from the world of music, television, books and film:

 John Schneider's "Dukes of Hazzard" car, the General Lee, is going up for auction again (:32)

 The star of one of the shows canceled by ABC is very upset (:32)

 Judy Greer, who will star in the ABC comedy "Miss/Guided" and plays a TV writer's manager in the movie "The TV Set," says there's a real push and pull between writers and networks (:17)

 "28 Weeks Later" star Harold Perinneau reveals how he'd defend himself from zombies (:17)

 Though Cameron Diaz is back as Princess Fiona in "Shrek the Third," she'll never tell kids who she is (:31)

 Despite the stunts, Bryce Dallas Howard enjoyed being part of "Spider-Man 3" (:31)

 Gretchen Wilson explains what fans can expect from her new album "One of the Boys" (:14)

 "Shrek the Third" star Mike Myers says he can relate to the green ogre's insecurities (:12)

 Luke Wilson and Eva Mendes in a scene from the new comedy "The Wendell Baker Story" (:31)