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Make a statement with a ring

Our favorite fashion revival is what Those In the Know are calling statement rings.

We think our grandmother wore statement rings and that was 20 years ago, so perhaps she was ahead of her time. She favored large clusters of little pearls, and we wish we had asked her for the pink one. Personally, we still like to refer to them as cocktail rings, which is how she referred to her collection. It sounds sassier and less like something that will go out of style when the fashion magazines decide to move on to the next look of the moment.

Although cocktail rings had their heyday in the '20s and '30s, during Prohibition, ladies flaunted them to denote that yes, they were still enjoying their gin, albeit illegally. Oversized and outrageous in design, the rings were adorned usually with large precious stones. Well-crafted costume jewelry and faux gems made these rings more appealing to the masses, along with adding a bit of cool campiness.

Today, it's quite acceptable to wear a big green glass flower-shaped ring or a big domed number made of resin or plastic and pull off the look with aplomb. It's a fun look and one that works for all ages.

If glitz isn't your thing, check out Frank Gehry's earthy pieces for Tiffany that use wood, crystal and other natural elements. They make a statement -- just a quieter one.

We've included designs that will move from day to evening, from jeans to something a bit dressier. Wear even your most mundane ensemble and let your fingers do the talking.