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ROSS WERLAND: A sterling performer

Let's start with the only bad thing about the silver-enhanced crew-neck shirt from Est. 1887: It costs $145. But if that's not an issue, then you can buy something akin to Superman's cape, at least in terms of resistance to odor and wrinkles.

The company suggests that the garment, 95 percent cotton and 5 percent silver, can be worn for seven days before laundering. We pushed it to 10 days, four of them consecutive, plus two overnights. Twice it was so sweaty that it had to be hung to dry. Still it didn't smell. It even passed an extreme wife test: After the 10th day, the shirt was draped over her face (she actually allowed this); presto, no hint of foul odor.

The company makes a point about the fabric's temperature-regulating qualities. I don't know whether it was regulating my temperature, but I can say that it looks cool stylewise, provides silky comfort and remains amazingly wrinkle-free, something the company literature didn't mention.

On odor control and wrinkle resistance alone, this fabric and its ilk should become huge among frequent travelers, who -- despite the silver -- should be able to sail through metal detectors with no problem. Too, according to the company, the silver will resist perspiration stains.

After the testing, I popped it in the wash on cool and dried it on a light setting. For some reason -- and this is absolutely fine -- it seemed to retain more detergent aroma than the other clothing washed with it. Again, no wrinkles.

Well, no wrinkles other than the cost. But otherwise, wow, amazing.

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