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Virtually perfect jeans

Can't seem to find the right pair of jeans? Your search might havecome to an end.

A new Web site called not only helps you figure out thebest style of jeans for your body, it also tells you what brands andstyles might do the trick, how much they cost and where to buy themthanks to a database of 90 jeans brands.

Sure beats taking dozens of pairs of jeans with you into thedressing room.

To find out what works for you, you need to take an eight-questiontest about your shape and jeans preferences. Before you get started onyour search, though, know a little bit about yourself and how you likeyour jeans to fit. Like a tight fit? Or a loose gap in the rear? Thatkind of information will make a big difference in your results.

I took the test and got my list. And, as it turns out, I alreadyown one of the 56 brands and styles the site recommended. Best of all,they weren't all $175 jeans. The site even recommended a $24.99 pairby Le Redoute and a $14 pair from Wal-Mart.

For anyone ready to jump into the often confusing and frustratingworld of shopping for designer jeans, this is a good place to start.It's also a good site for anyone who refuses to pay more than $100 forjeans. The site breaks up the jeans into three pricing categories:under $30, $30-$50 and more than $60.

The company that created the site, located in Emeryville, Calif.,says it drew on five years of fit research and algorithm developmentfrom its sister company Archetype, which helps companies like Lands'End and JC Penney offer custom clothing. Then it measured, assessedand photographed thousands of women trying on jeans.