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Here are this week's audio clips from the world of music, television, books and film:

 Actor Michael Cerveris talks about his role as German composer Kurt Weill in "LoveMusik," and how he mastered his character's German accent (11:01)

 Actor James Franco doesn't see any pure bad guys in "Spider-Man 3" (:34)

 Prince says he can put on a better show when he doesn't have to worry about traveling to the next gig (:23)

 Bucking a Hollywood trend, actress Virginia Madsen is frank about using cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Juverderm (:30)

 A Grand Ole Opry member Marty Stuart has a busy month ahead (:30)

 ABC says the once-hot "Lost" will conclude at the end of three additional seasons (:34)

 R&B star Akon has been dropped from an endorsement deal with a major communications company (:33)

 Travis singer Fran Healy says the subject line "The Boy With No Name" just screamed out at him (:15)

 Singer-songwriter John Anderson is back with a little help from his friends (:30)