Mid-State Fair

Demi Lovato's music and message move fans at Mid-State Fair

Actress, pop star and former Disney darling Demi Lovato performs at the California Mid-State Fair on Sunday, July 20, 2014.
Actress, pop star and former Disney darling Demi Lovato performs at the California Mid-State Fair on Sunday, July 20, 2014.

As part of The Tribune’s coverage of the 2014 California Mid-State Fair, we’re publishing a series of concert reviews. Below, Rhianna Janovec reviews Sunday’s Demi Lovato concert.

The Chumash Grandstand Arena was filled Sunday with tons of Demi Lovato fans.

From parents and teenagers to little girls dressed in “Frozen” outfits, they all waited anxiously for the show to begin at the California Mid-State Fair. The floor was packed with fans holding signs that read "We Love You Demi."

The concert began with MKTO as the opening act. This up-and-coming duo, consisting of a singer and a rapper, was fantastic.

When the group came out, the teen girls went crazy.

MKTO sang a new single called "Classic," which the crowd really seemed to like. They were all over the stage dancing and putting on an awesome show.

Pumped up from this highly energetic opening, the audiences was on their feet shouting "Demi, Demi, Demi." The lights dimmed, and the crowd went wild!

The next thing I knew, Demi Lovato was under the spotlight at center stage, singing "Heart Attack."

She wore all black with leather boots and a black-and-white checkered flannel shirt tied around her waist.

From the second the pop singer walked out on the stage, I could feel a positive energy moving through the crowd.

Lovato continued with songs such as "Remember December,” "Firestarter” and “Really Don’t Care,” which the crowd loved.

After the sixth or seventh song, the star pulled up a stool and sat and talked to the audience for about five minutes. This amazing star and idol talked about her real-life struggles with being bullied and explained how, if she could make it through, then anybody could.

The look on all of the fans’ faces was priceless. This was probably my favorite part of the concert.

After her talk, Lovato sang “Warrior," which totally summed up her message.

Toward the end of the show, all the lights went down. Everyone was shouting for Lovato to do an encore. Not one to disappoint the crowd, the performer came back out and sang "Skyscraper." What an awesome way to end the show.

As we left the arena, we could hear everyone talking about how amazing Lovato was live in concert — and how down-to-earth and real she was.

Fans wearing Demi Lovato shirts and hats scurried out of the arena after a night full of entertainment.