Mid-State Fair

At Kid Rock concert, people-watching is part of the show

Angela McKay and her partner-in-crime, Tribune media specialist Sue Skaggs.
Angela McKay and her partner-in-crime, Tribune media specialist Sue Skaggs. amckay@thetribunenews.com

As part of The Tribune’s coverage of the 2014 California Mid-State Fair, we’re running a series of concert reviews. Below, Tribune media specialist Angela McKay reviews Thursday’s Kid Rock concert. Kid Rock brought his A-game on Thursday night at the California Mid-State Fair.

The event was packed, but this was a crowd that showed up in their California cowboy best. The people-watching before the show started was nearly as good as the amazing performance by Kid Rock.

Amid a sea of big blonde hair, short-shorts and cowboy boots, the crowd consisted of people young and old, country and city, hipsters and conformists, driving everything from Prius cars to pickup trucks.

Of all the shows scheduled for the fair this year, Kid Rock was the one show I was most excited to see.

When his song “Devil Without a Cause” started up, the crowd was out of their seats and shaking their tail feathers.

Kid brought it to another level of excitement when he started playing the song I was most excited to hear, “Cowboy.”

As soon as he began to sing, “Well, I’m packing up my game and I’m a head out west, where women come equipped with scripts and fake breasts,” the crowd went wild!

Halfway through the song, Kid Rock decided to stop and brush his hair. It seems that may have been his version of a costume change.

Security was tight, and the event staff meant business.

Having been trained in the art of “getting to the front row” at a young age by my mother, I arrived with a plan in place to get up front and snap a picture of Kid Rock. Unfortunately, my plan was foiled by the event staff, which must have been trained with military precision to remain unfazed by big blue eyes and a smile.

My partner-in-crime for the night was vaguely familiar with Kid Rock from a couple of his more popular songs, but she didn’t really know what to expect.

My friend and I left the event pleased, and she now calls herself a fan. Even though I didn’t get that one picture I hoped for, after the epic performance at the Mid-State Fair, I remain a big fan of Kid Rock.