Mid-State Fair

Check out what the 1995 Mid-State Fair acts were paid

What Mid-State Fair acts were paid in 1995 by The Tribune

Ahh, 1995. When Boyz II Men were on top and the Dixie Chicks were paid a measly sum to play on a free stage at the California Mid-State Fair.

How things have changed in 20 years!

Well, some things. Alan Jackson is still around. He played in Paso Robles again this year, marking his 10th appearance at the fair. The Beach Boys and Trisha Yearwood could probably still draw a crowd if booked. John Michael Montgomery and Jeff Foxworthy have probably lost their Grandstand status, though.

The priciest acts ever booked at the fair, which has over the years attracted a veritable who's who of the music industry elite, were Aerosmith in 2007 and Rod Stewart in 2008.

In addition to its $750,000 flat fee, Aerosmith received 70 percent of the gross box office receipts over $830,000. Stewart earned $750,000 for his July 2008 concert plus 70 percent of ticket sales over $880,000.

In 2007, country band Rascal Flatts received $682,500 plus 70 percent of sales over $830,000. Two years later, country singer Tim McGraw made $600,000 plus 70 percent of sales over $680,000, and "American Idol" star Carrie Underwood earned $525,000 plus 70 percent of sales over $605,000.

It sure ain't 1995 anymore, folks.