Mid-State Fair

Winners of Mid-State Fair's olive oil, wine competitions announced

The judges tasted, sniffed and swirled their way through a hearty number of entries for the California Mid-State Fair’s olive oil competition, home winemaking competition and Central Coast commercial wine competition. Here are the results.

Olive oil winners

There were 86 entries in the commercial olive oil competition this year, split among three divisions.

In the extra virgin division, 17 gold ribbons were awarded among these classes: other blends, arbequina, other mono cultivar, frantoio and leccino blends, mission, manzanillo, and sevillano.

Le Vigne Winery received Best of Class Robust, as well as Best of Show Robust.

The Olive Press was awarded Best of Class Delicate twice, in addition to Best of Show Delicate. They also won Best of Class Medium and Best of Show Medium.

Three gold ribbons were awarded in the extra virgin, organic division among the classes of arbequina, arbequina blends and mission. Oils of Paicines won Best of Show Organic Medium.

In the flavored olive oil division, seven gold ribbons were awarded among the classes of garlic, herb flavored, other flavored, lemon flavored, flavored blends and any other citrus flavored.

Calivirgin received two Best of Class awards.

Bellindora River Farm and Olivas de Oro Olive Company also received Best of Class.

The Olive Press received Best of Class and Best of Show Flavored.

Wine winners

The home winemaking competition had 116 entries; the red wine division was significantly the most popular.

In the red wine division, 12 gold places were awarded, with the Best Red and Best of Show award going to Scott Wesley.

One gold place was awarded in the white wine division, to Darren Delmore, who also won Best of White.

In the dessert wine category, one gold place was awarded, to Bill Latchford, who also won Best of Dessert.

Ninety-seven gold places were awarded in the Central Coast commercial wine competition, out of 624 entries.

The Best of Class awards are as follows:

Alapay Cellars 2013 syrah and 2013 red blend; Ancient Peaks 2012 cabernet sauvignon; Asuncion Ridge Vineyards 2012 syrah based blend; August Ridge Vineyards 2011 Primitivo; Bargetto Winery 2014 pinot grigio; Bodegas Paso Robles 2014 white blend; Broken Earth Winery 2014 albariño; Calcareous Vineyard 2013 zinfandel and 2012 Rhone style blend.

Cass Winery 2014 marsanne and 2013 grenache; Castoro Cellars 2012 zinfandel; Cinquain Cellars 2013 chardonnay; Clavo Cellars 2011 malbec; Eberle Winery 2012 barbera; Enjoy Wine 2012 pinot noir; Frisby Cellars 2011 cabernet sauvignon; Graveyard Vineyards 2013 cabernet sauvignon and 2013 cabernet based blend; Halter Ranch Vineyard 2014 rosé blend; La Rusticana d’Orsa 2012 Bordeaux blend.

Laetitia Vineyard and Winery 2012 sparkling methode champenoise; Le Vigne Winery 2012 tannat; PasoPort 2013 chenin blanc; Peachy Canyon Winery 2011 petit verdot; Pear Valley Estate Wine 2013 tempranillo; Pianetta Winery 2012 sangiovese; Pomar Junction Vineyard 2014 roussanne, 2014 viognier and 2014 white Rhone blends.

Red Soles Winery 2013 Mataró; Scheid Vineyards 2011 merlot; Summerwood 2011 grenache based blend; Tablas Creek Vineyard 2014 grenache rosé; Vina Robles 2012 petite sirah; Vines on the Marycrest 2012 mourvèdre; and Vintage Cowboy 2014 grenache blanc.

Best of Dessert was awarded to Mattina Fiore Wines for its 2013 viognier.

Best of Show Rose was awarded to Tablas Creek Vineyard for its 2014 grenache rosé.

Best of Show White went to Pomar Junction Vineyard for its 2014 viognier.

Best of Show Red and Best of Show were awarded to Eberle Winery for its 2012 barbera.