Looking for a game not played on a screen?

Check out these board game releases for an alternative to video games:

‘Battleship Galaxies’

Hasbro, $64.99

Bearing little resemblance to the classic “Battleship” game, “Galaxies” instead has players maneuvering their spaceships on a hexagonal star field full of asteroids, star bases and other features, each trying to defeat the other’s fleet.


Asmodee Editions, $34.99

A great game for parties or families, each turn of “Dixit” has a storyteller who tells up a short tale based on one of the illustrated cards in his or her hand. Then each player hands in one of their cards, and everyone tries to guess which card was the one that inspired the story, with players moving around the board based on how many people chose their cards. Also available are “Dixit 2” and “Dixit 3: Odyssey,” which can expand the first version or stand on their own.

‘Forbidden Island’

Gamewright, $15.99

Players must use their unique abilities to quickly gather four treasures and escape a sinking island in this cooperative game. The pieces are sturdy, the cardboard tiles that make up the board are nicely illustrated, and the components come in an embossed tin.

‘A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)’

Fantasy Flight Games, $59.99

Players choose from one of six great Houses and fight for control of Westeros in this strategy game based on George R.R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels (the original edition was around long before the hit “Game of Thrones” series on cable). This new version updates the cards and board with new illustrations, and incorporates several aspects of the original version’s expansion sets along with new rules and features.

‘Risk Legacy’

Hasbro, $59.99

This interesting spin on “Risk” comes with an assortment of stickers and cards that players will use to alter the game, adding cities to some areas, altering others, even tearing up some cards to remove them from play forever. Several sealed envelopes are meant to be opened only under specific conditions, and many of the changes made to the board and the five factions warring over it are permanent.


MindWare, $24.99

This award-winning tile game gives the players points for usinga small selection of woodent tiles to complete six-tile lines of the same color or the same shape — sort of a pattern-based take on “Scrabble.”

‘Wits & Wagers’

North Star Games, $29.99

This party game for four to 20 people has each player submitting a number as the answer to a trivia question, then betting on which number is the closest to the actual answer without going over (this doesn’t have to be their own). Players win chips based on the odds for each answer, with the winner being the player who has the most chips at the end of the seventh round. — Justin Hoeger