To Our Readers: Changes to Our Online Access

To Our Readers:

Newspaper websites around the country have begun charging readers to access their sites during the last couple of years. Beginning December 5, The Tribune will do so as well, launching a new subscription package to access digital news.

News coverage on The Tribune’s website,, is updated throughout the day and is also available through email news alerts. The site also offers photo galleries not available in print, as well as the opportunity for readers to weigh in on civic affairs through our online comments.

Our digital offerings include the e-Edition replica of the printed newspaper, available on multiple devices, and various smartphone applications.

Print subscribers will continue to have free digital access until their current subscription renews. Regular digital readers who do not already subscribe will be prompted to sign up when they’ve viewed 15 pages in a 30-day period. Introductory pricing starts at $0.99.

Details about subscription packages and pricing are available at

For questions, please call our toll-free customer service number at 1-800-288-4128.

Bruce Ray

President & Publisher

The Tribune &