eEdition User Guide and FAQ

The eEdition is a digital replica of the daily printed newspaper that offers additional, exclusive content available only to subscribers.

We've made key improvements based on reader feedback—including fewer ads and a more user-friendly navigation—to make the eEdition experience even better. We hear your feedback and are actively working to improve new technology challenges as they arise. We have already implemented performance fixes such as improving page load times and redesigning mobile/tablet layouts for easier readability.

The following is a visual guide and FAQ to help you navigate the new eEdition and get the most out of its features.

If you need further help or would like to give us feedback on the changes, please visit this page to contact customer service.

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Visual Guide

eEdition menu on desktop or laptop
eEdition menu on tablet


What has changed with the eEdition?

  • There are fewer digital ads on the page and no ads that cover the eEdition. We have improved the ad layout for mobile or tablet readers since launch and will continue to make changes as needed.
  • There is no red highlighting within the eEdition. Readers told us this made reading harder in the previous version. You can zoom in or open up each article individually.
  • There are fewer icons and navigation lists in the eEdition viewer. We've designed the new viewer to be more simple and get you straight into the eEdition.
  • There is a new Portal Page that allows readers to easily find past editions and the latest news on the website.
  • There is no longer a help overlay on the eEdition. Readers told us this experience was not intuitive. We hope to answer any questions in this FAQ and visual guide (which you can always find through the help icon on the eEdition viewer).
  • It is easier to open up an individual article. If you click or tap once on an article on the page, a plain text view of the article will open. You can adjust the text size and print the article from there. Want to zoom into an article instead? Just double click/tap or use the zoom icon.
  • The new eEdition works best in updated versions of these browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge. If you use Internet Explorer, you will need to upgrade to the Edge browser or to one of the other browsers listed previously. You can download Edge here.

How do I download and print?

  • To download a PDF copy of one or multiple pages of the eEdition, click the Download icon on the eEdition viewer. Click on the page you want to download (or press and hold the shift key and click for multiple pages), then click the download button at the top. The PDF will download into a new browser window.

  • You can also download a PDF copy of the eEdition from the Portal Page by scrolling to the issue you want and clicking the download button.
  • To print one or multiple pages, click the Print icon on the eEdition viewer. Click on the page you want to download (or press and hold the shift key and click for multiple pages), then click the print button at the top.

Click the Crop icon on the eEdition viewer. If you're viewing two pages, select either the left or right page. A crop box will appear on that page. Click on the corners and drag the box around the puzzle (or portion of the page) that you want to print. Once you are done, click the green checkmark in the lower right corner. The cropped image will open in a new tab. You can print from there, or save the image to your desktop and open and print in the program of your choice.

Cropping works best on desktop. We currently do not support cropping on Android mobile devices or Edge browsers, but are working on this functionality.

How do I zoom in?

There are several options to zoom into a page:

For mobile and tablet:

  • Double tap on the area you’d like to zoom into; double tap again to zoom out.
  • Tap once to read an article in plain-text mode.
  • Pinch and spread to zoom in and out.

For desktop:

  • Use the spread and pinch gestures on your laptop’s trackpad (if available) to zoom in and out.
  • Double click on the area you'd like to zoom into.
  • Use the magnifying glass icons in the eEdition viewer.

How do I save the paper to read offline?

Click the Download icon on the eEdition viewer to download one or multiple pages of the eEdition. You can find and download past eEdition issues here.

How do I jump to a specific section of the paper?

You have multiple ways to jump to specific sections of the eEdition:

On mobile phones and tablets:

  • Swipe through the navigation bar in the eEdition viewer and tap on the desired section.
  • Tap on the pages icon in the menu options and swipe to to the desired section.

On desktop:

  • Use the navigation bar in the eEdition viewer and click on the desired section.

  • Click on the Menu icon on the top left of the page. You can see all the sections and articles in a list view.
  • Click on the Show Pages icon on the icon bar to reveal all the pages and navigate to the desired section.

How do I find a list of stories in a specific section?

Click on the Menu icon on the top left corner.

Why can't I close the ads?

We've reduced the number of digital ads per page and removed the ads that cover the eEdition itself. We have improved the ad layout for tablet viewers and will continue to make improvements.

How do I find older editions of the paper?

Previous editions can be found on the Portal Page. Scroll down to find older editions. You can also navigate to the Portal Page from the Calendar icon on the eEdition viewer.

How do I get to the Games and Puzzles?

Click the Games and Puzzles icon in the eEdition viewer.

How do I get to Rewards?

Click the Rewards icon in the eEdition viewer.

How do I get to the eEdition from the mobile app?

From anywhere in the app, tap the newspaper icon at the top right.

What is different on my tablet/phone?

In the eEdition viewer on a tablet or phone, the menu icons are arranged a little differently. Tap the menu icon at the top right to access these options: crop, download, print, full-page, and the pages viewer. Also, on phones and tablets you can single-tap on an article for an easy-to-read text view. After reading the article, tap the X at the top right to return to the page.

Am I required to log in every day?

No. You will be required to log in after 30 days of inactivity on each device you use to access the eEdition. What that means is, if you log in today on your phone, and then exclusively use that device, you should not have to log in again until: a) you are inactive for 30 days; or b) you clear your phone browser's cookies. But if you log in on your phone today and then use your laptop to access the eEdition tomorrow, you will be asked to log in on your laptop as well. Then that login should be good until you have 30 days of inactivity or you clear your cookies. If you are using a private/incognito browser, you will be asked to log in. If you are being required to log in more frequently than you think is correct, please contact customer service.

Do I need to change my bookmarks/saved link?

Yes. The eEdition has a new link, so be sure to bookmark the new version! If you have a link that starts with then that will no longer work after Sept. 30, 2019.

How do I read the eEdition on my phone or tablet? What happened to the eEdition app?

Your best option is to download The Tribune app on iOS or Android. We have consolidated the eEdition into that app, so there is no longer a need for a separate eEdition app. We will discontinue updating those eEdition-only apps, so make sure you get The Tribune app.

How do I immediately get help from a customer service representative?

If you have any trouble, please contact customer service at 800-288-4128 or

I'm having trouble logging in. What should I do?

If you're having problems accessing the eEdition, first try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Once you've done that, try logging in again. If you still have trouble, contact customer service at the number above. Here's how to clear your cache in these browsers (desktop, mobile and tablet): Chrome | Safari | Firefox | Edge

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

To change or cancel your subscription, please contact customer service at 800-288-4128 or