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Suzanne Davis writes the Greetings from Old People Camp column for The Tribune. After teaching in San Luis Obispo County for 27 years, she is now happily retired. She lives in the South County with her husband and their three dogs.

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    Considering fitness

    I just had another birthday, dammit, and with my seventh decade not too far down the trail, I’ve been contemplating a few things I might like to do before I get too stiff to get off the couch.


    Online image paints interesting profile

    Like most seniors, I’ve done a lot of thinking about my online profile, and I’m understandably concerned that the NSA, Google and the FBI may not have an accurate impression of the real me.


    'Little Old Ladies' go zip lining through a vineyard

    In my experience, if you don’t get LOLs (little old ladies) off their butts once in awhile, they get stoveup, and I felt that the Old People Camp girls were spending way too much time in the craft shack throwing back shots and bagging on their children. It was up to me, as activities director...


    Resolvedly resolute

    The other day, while gazing into my underwear drawer, it struck me that it’s New Year’s resolution time. Traditionally, I like to adopt the philosophy of my SoCal friend Helen. She’s given up making resolutions because she doesn’t want to disappoint herself. But this ...


    Special delivery by drone

    Ah, the holidays. They can be so stressful! Thanksgiving is barely under our belts and we find ourselves drafted immediately into the War on Christmas.


    Balloon adventure anything but a bust

    We pulled in to fill up with $5 a gallon gas in a remote, no on-ramp station, and as the pump cha-chinged, the nearly toothless proprietor ambled over to chat. His overalls smacked of too many ancient, greasy Fords, but he was a friendly guy. We were his sole customers and had ended up in his Route...


    On the road with Thelma, Louise and Sally

    Thelma, Louise and Sally recently took a road trip. Louise and Sally, my geezer soul sisters, consented rather impetuously, to accompany me (Thelma) on a little jaunt with Lance, the travel trailer. Three anonymous, mature women in the wilds of Oregon — an adventure in the making.


    We apologize for the previous

    As evidenced by my previous columns on doughnuts and eyebrows, it’s obvious that coming up with a scintillating topic for a kick-butt column is not as easy as one might think. So, I decided that today I would take the coward’s way out and just spend time commenting on and apologizing...


    Signing up for Instagram; YOLO!

    You know what I love about being a famous writer? I can sit outside, tush in deck chair, iPad in lap, and say to my husband, Mick, “Sorry, sweetheart, you’ll have to clean up the kitchen again; I’m working ...”


    Just an old-fashioned girl

    I was in a doughnut shop the other day trying to decide which belly bomb to buy when the young thing behind the counter suggested an “old fashioned.”

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