Letters to the Editor

Culture of death is so pervasive in society today

The juxtaposition of Angie King’s and Genevieve Czech’s letters (“Be active to support a woman’s right to choose” and “California creates a culture of death”) on Jan. 22 was masterful. The culture of death so pervasive in society today starts with dehumanizing any human being, and then it claims legitimacy to pass judgment of the worth of any inconvenient human life. The Nazis were experts at this.

Letters to the Editor

Ban alcohol again as in Prohibition

Lon Allan, in his Jan. 26 column (“Atascadero’s ban on marijuana, celebration of wine is a double standard”), could not be more accurate about the mixed message sent to children on drug use. Alcohol, the worst drug as far as impact on life, is heavily promoted. (On the same page: “Poly wine facility gets $1.2 million donation” ...)

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