Home from Home: Chronicle of a Vision (Die andere Heimat - Chronik einer Sehnsucht)
Set in a dreary, unforgiving mid-19th century German village in Hunsrück, Home From Home captures the plight of hundreds of thousands of Europeans who emigrated to faraway South America to escape the famine, poverty and despotism that ruled at home. Their motto was: "Any fate is better than death". Edgar Reitz's film is a heart-wrenching drama and love story set against the backdrop of this forgotten tragedy. It encompasses a time of tribulation and illuminates the revolutionary and intellectual spirit present in the souls who are center of this tale. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Werner Herzog, Marita Breuer, Mélanie Fouché, Konstantin Buchholz, Julia Prochnow, Antonia Bill, Maximilian Scheidt, Jan Dieter Schneider
Produced by: Christian Reitz
Directed by: Edgar Reitz
Written by: Edgar Reitz, Gert Heidenreich
Running time: 3hr 50min
Opens: Sep 11, 2015 NY
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