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Plumber: The basics of water-saving faucets

Q: Dear Ed, I recently enjoyed your article on bathroom faucets. Your subject matter about different faucet types and styles was very helpful, but I'm interested in water-saving bathroom faucets. Can you please give us basics on water-saving bathroom faucets with helpful installation information?

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Yardsmart: Explore outside for organic holiday decor

Before the Romans, pagan tribes of Europe held a special reverence for the natural world. They honored nature outdoors under enormous ancient oaks, where the spirit of the vegetation was thought to dwell. In winter, when the trees were bare, the spirits moved to evergreens, explaining why holly, with its bright red berries, was first cut and brought indoors to bless the household around the winter solstice.

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Design Recipes: 7 DIY holiday home decor ideas

The holiday season is the perfect time to decorate your home in a fun, festive and affordable way. Holiday decorating doesn't have to break the bank - many of the items you can use to decorate may already exist inside your home, be purchased at budget-friendly stores or consist of items found in nature.

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