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Mosquito that carries Zika virus has long, deadly history

Welcome back, Aedes aegypti, you tiny, blood-sucking bastard. Of the 3,500 species of mosquitoes, you’re almost everybody’s least favorite. You gave us yellow fever, which starts with vicious pain in the joints and ends with projectile vomit of blackened blood. You gave us dengue, which is also known as bone-break fever, because that’s what it feels like.


SLO County weather forecast: Near-record breaking warmth on the way

A strong ridge of high pressure over the West Coast will keep the storm track far to the north in an Omega-shaped pattern. This ridge will continue to produce gusty night and morning Santa Lucia (northeasterly) winds, near record-breaking warmth and clear skies with low relative humidity levels through Wednesday morning.

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for making my 90th birthday so special

What a gala celebration my daughter Terri Fuller gave me for my 90th birthday. She and my friend Pat Origlieri drove up from Vista, and my grandniece Penny Lynn flew in from Anchorage, Alaska, and they worked late into the night making fresh flower arrangements and appetizers. Early next morning, they were off to our local stores to purchase dinner items and birthday cake. My son Bruce helped me hold down the fort and took phone calls. KSBY called and asked if they could do an interview with me about my Front Street flower beds. Of course I said, yes. What a surprise. The first of many.