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Defeated in primary, Kansas conservative congressman looking at comeback in 2018

Barely three months after he lost the Kansas Republican primary, Rep. Tim Huelskamp has already filed for a 2018 rematch with a congressman who hasn’t yet been elected. The uber-conservative incumbent lost to physician Roger Marshall in an expensive and bruising primary that had repercussions all the way to Washington. Huelskamp is a member of the Freedom Caucus, a band of far-right lawmakers who forced a government shutdown in 2013 and drove former Speaker John Boehner out of Congress.

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Take a peek inside this renovated Cambria log cabin

Laila Tallon and Scott Beukelman made his terminally ill sister’s wish come true by tackling the massive renovation of a weed-choked 1925 cabin in Cambria that had been foreclosed on and abandoned. The result? A new kitchen, plumbing and electrical systems and gas fireplaces that, combined with the home’s original features, created a rustic cabin vibe.