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38th annual SLO Triathlon

Athletes competing in the 38thannual SLO Triathlon swam a half-mile, rode their bikes 15 miles and ran 3.1 miles Saturday, July 22, 2017, in San Luis Obispo.

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Senate rejects broad Obamacare repeal bill

The Senate voted narrowly Tuesday to begin debate on a bill to repeal major provisions of the Affordable Care Act, but hours later, Republican leaders suffered a setback when their most comprehensive plan to replace former President Barack Obama’s health law fell far short of the votes it needed.

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Want to know how many kids are shot in your state? This website can tell you

Tens of thousands of Americans are shot every year. Who tracks the carnage? Gun Violence Archive, a website based in Lexington, fills a real-time information gap left by government, law enforcement and academic researchers. “Mass shootings drive much of the traffic to our website,” says Mark Bryant, who runs GVA. “Children getting shot is second.”