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Clinton: America faces ‘moment of reckoning’

Accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination, she tried to do what her husband did for her in his own address Tuesday night – humanize herself by telling personal stories and showing glimmers of her personality. She shared an often-not seen personal side, talking about her late mother, her daughter and grandchildren. And she rallied the crowd with details from her broad policy portfolio.


Deep space travel could be bad for your heart

In a study published Thursday in Scientific Reports, researchers found that astronauts who went to the moon were almost five times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than astronauts who remained in low-Earth orbit on the International Space Station.

Politics & Government

2016: When even plagiarism became partisan

A full two-thirds of Republicans said Melania Trump’s use of passages from an earlier Michelle Obama speech didn’t bother them at all, while only 7 percent of Democrats said the same thing. It was the opposite for those who said it mattered “a lot”: two-thirds of Democrats responded that way, while just 13 percent of Republicans did.


The mystery bicyclist in orange: Charlotte says goodbye to a human landmark

“She was such a Charlotte icon that when I would pick her up and take her out to dinner, we would walk into a restaurant and I felt like a ’50s movie star. ... They’d say, ‘That’s the bicycle lady.’ Your spine would straighten up a little bit, that’s how famous she was,” said Lisa Hand of Virginia Ann Jetton, who died earlier this month at 73.


At the scene of a brush fire in Atascadero

A brush fire broke out Thursday, July 28, 2016, just south of Del Rio Road in Atascadero. Gusty winds carried the flames to the other side of Highway 101, where it burned more vegetation and an abandoned home.