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Letters to the Editor

Golfers should pay to keep their course green

Why should taxpayers subsidize the $500,000 deficit for the Dairy Creek Golf Course (“Dairy Creek Golf Course running out of money and water,” May 17) just because “the golf course has a shortfall of 142 acre-feet of water, which is causing the course to turn brown and prompting complaints from golfers of poor golfing conditions”?

Letters to the Editor

Voting no on Cayucos fire tax

I am very concerned about the upcoming Cayucos fire tax. I am 78 years old and have lived here close to 20 years. I live on a fixed income and I barely make ends meet as it is. If this passes, I may have to go without some of my medications.

Letters to the Editor

Eric Michielssen not paid for by special interests

This family will not be voting for Debbie Arnold in the June 7 primary. She has let us down by not committing to defend SLO County from the Phillips 66 oil rail transport plan and ignoring the wishes of the majority of the people by voting to develop the Las Pilitas rock quarry. She is just another Republican beholden to her special interests — certainly not to the voters of this county.


SLO prepared for population growth of 10,000, officials say

The San Luis Obispo Planning Commission heard a report Wednesday from city officials on growth management that projects a population of 57,200 in San Luis Obispo by the year 2035, from its current total of 46,456. City officials say resources are adequate for buildout in 2035. Some members of the public say they don’t believe the city is accounting well enough for affordable housing and climate change.