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Paso Robles City Council creates groundwater management agency

Paso Robles City Council members voted Tuesday to form a groundwater sustainability agency that will be accountable for managing basin water within the city’s jurisdiction. The agency was created in response to the state Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, which requires management of basins in overdraft.

Letters to the Editor

California should make recycling centers more accessible

In response to The Tribune’s editorial support expressed on the Opinion page Jan. 8 (“Raising a glass to SLO’s proposed plastic-bottle ban”), I noticed the editor was quick to cite that only 41 percent of the plastic bottles purchased in the past two years were recycled. Has The Tribune done any investigation into the lack of sufficient California redemption recycling centers currently available to the public in San Luis Obispo County to redeem any of their recyclable beverage containers? Locations are dropping like flies, resulting in further drives, long lines and ridiculous wait times for consumers to get back their CRV. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why beverage containers are now ending up in the landfill.

Letters to the Editor

The Tribune can do better than Matthew Hoy

OK, that’s it. I’m compelled to write. With the many young, thoughtful, talented conservative writers who must exist, why give Matthew Hoy’s vapid, ranting mind a regular column? He’s entitled to his opinions, but surely The Tribune can do much better. Get rid of him.