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Wanted: Stay-at-home moms wanting to get back to work

CHICAGO - After nine years at Google, Phoebe Elder quit in July to stay home with her two kids. Relieved to get off the hamster wheel of juggling a demanding job and family time, Elder, who lives in suburban Chicago, also feared losing the independence of having her own paycheck and the notoriously tough task of returning to work after a career break.


Your Office Coach: Undoing the damage of a toxic work environment

Q: I recently left a company where the environment was extremely toxic. Management had a group of favorites, and anyone outside the inner circle could quickly become a target. There was absolutely no trust among the staff. Because our behavior was constantly scrutinized, I never dared to voice an opinion about anything.


Liz Reyer: What to do when little things set you off at work

Q: Most of the time I'm pretty even-tempered, but some things at work set me off. They always have to do with being called to task for not following rules - the problem is that the rules are unclear or shifting so that it's hard to keep up with expectations. They're really minor things and I think I'm often overreacting (though my responses so far have been mostly internal). How can I get a grip on this?

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