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    Red-carpet vet Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a winning style

    When it comes to red carpet style, Emmy nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus has gotten better with age.


    Spandex squeezes into jeans territory

    Spanx has expanded from sleek, slimming underwear into the field of everyone's favorite outerwear: jeans. The company, whose foundation garments have been helping women fit smoothly into work and special occasion clothes since the year 2000, introduced jeans in two styles, several cuts and three...


    How Emmy-nominated shows are making a fashion statement

    When it comes to style influence beyond the flickering blue box, few Emmy-nominated shows can begin to hold a cathode ray tube to "Mad Men." But as Don Draper & Co. are close to shuffling off to the great walk-in closet in the sky, it's worth looking at how some of the other shows vying for Emmy...


    As summer fades, white still works

    Summer may be on its way out, but you should let your summer whites - especially the flimsy cotton frocks, skinny jeans, and warm-weather-only pumps - hang around.