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    Richard Benson: Sentenced to death in 1987

    Richard Allen Benson was convicted in March 1987 of killing a Nipomo woman, strangling her baby boy, then molesting and murdering her two daughters before setting their house afire.


    Dennis Webb: Sentenced to death in 1988

    Dennis D. Webb tied up a young Atascadero couple after breaking into their home, then spent the night beating and raping them. He shot both dead a few dozen feet from their front door when they tried to escape at dawn. The woman's 15-month-old daughter and 7-day-old son were found virtually unharmed...


    Michael Whisenhunt: Sentenced to death in 1996

    Michael Whisenhunt was sentenced to death for torturing his girlfriend's 20-month-old daughter with hot grease and kicking her in the stomach before leaving her to die on the floor.