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    Can any law actually restrain marijuana use?

    Our City Council here in Paso Robles couldn’t decide last week whether to ban the delivery of medical marijuana to people within the city. Can any law actually restrain marijuana use?


    Why Atascadero is bad for business

    For the past five years I’ve gone to the Atascadero Patient Service Center in Hotel Park, which shares the parking lot with our new library. But last week I learned the clinic was closing, with a note on the door that those of us living here can get continued service by driving to Templeton...


    Coastal Commission wants to preserve Pirate's Cove, trash and all

    he Coastal Commission got hoodwinked on the Pirate's Cove project. How else do you explain the panel's decision to reject the county's plan to improve access to a gorgeous piece of property that has too long been allowed to harbor shady activities?


    On the brew-haha over a card room in Paso Robles

    A co-founder of Firestone Walker, a Paso Robles brewery, recently complained to the City Council that a card room would degrade his brewery’s neighborhood. That seemed to me like a car’s bug-spattered headlights calling the windshield dirty.


    A less-than-perfect plan to refill Atascadero Lake

    I visited Hearst Castle last week. As usual, it was an enjoyable experience as my wife and I showed off that magnificent setting to family members. My reverie ended as I walked to the men’s room and found it locked, only to be reminded I had to use one of the portable toilets lined up outside...


    In lieu of overseas travels, host international students at home

    Two international students will stay at the Joetopia house for about three weeks as part of EF Education First’s Educational Homestay Programs. The organization brings students from around the world to the United States to study English and learn about American culture.


    Lessons in recycling

    I learned something Tuesday afternoon: “Don’t crush plastic bottles or aluminum cans.” Let me explain.


    What exactly do editors do?

    When speaking to various groups around the county, I’m often asked what editors do. In his farewell column to readers today, Bert Etling, managing editor of our sister newspaper, The Cambrian, wrote a thoughtful, eloquent answer.


    What about Atascadero’s other lake?

    As we utter the final rites of Atascadero Lake, now almost a puddle, a friend asked me about the “other” Atascadero Lake.


    Tossing political hot potatoes

    My husband and I recently enjoyed an exciting evening at home, wherein we ate “dinner” in front of the TV and enjoyed a marathon viewing of our favorite political drama.

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