Cal Poly students demand change in handling diversity issues

SLO Solidarity group has issued a list of demands for campus diversity and inclusiveness

The group seeks more orientation programs, gender-neutral housing and bathroom facilities, and a queer studies minor

Cal Poly expected to report to the campus by Dec. 12 on ‘long-term and short-term changes’

Fighting carbon ... with carbon

I read with interest about the 200 concerned folks who came together in Baywood on Sunday to raise awareness, call for climate justice and put an end to carbon pollution (“Boaters, kayakers urge action on climate change,” The Tribune, Nov. 30.)

Chicago mayor fires police chief in wake of video release

Rahm Emanuel sought for months to keep the public from seeing a video that shows a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times. Now, a week after the video’s release, the Chicago mayor has fired the police superintendent, created a new task force for police accountability and expanded the use of body cameras.

This week's circulars

Two freshmen scored goals for the Tigers as San Luis Obispo High defeated Lompoc 4-2 to begin the season.
Sports Reporter Travis Gibson

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