Letter to the Editor

Poop responsibility

Los OsosJuly 17, 2014 

As both a dog owner and horse rider, I am moved to comment to the folks walking their dogs in Cabrillo Estates in Los Osos.

We riders try like crazy to clean up after our horses, going to great lengths of placing buckets and dust pans alongside the streets for collection and later use in gardens and landscaping.

I was appalled when I noticed dog walkers placing their poop bags, full of dog poop, in the manure buckets! Horse manure is a reusable and favorable addition to soil; dog poop is NOT.

As a dog owner myself, I am offended that these folks are too lazy to take their dog droppings home to their own trash receptacles. It is their responsibility as dog owners — no one else’s.

Please do the right thing!

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