Letter to the Editor

Budget correction

CambriaJuly 10, 2014 

The Tribune reported cities in San Luis Obispo County are planning to place tax measures on the November ballot. One wants a property tax bond and three others want an increased sales tax. All are tools for more of your money instead of aiding local business. Favorite projects are road maintenance and public safety.

One reason for more taxes is excessive compensation of city employees for salaries, overtime, benefits and pensions, which leaves insufficient funds for the infrastructure.

As examples, a particular manager receives over $310,000 per year, while the average is $218,000 — this is absurd. City council compensation committees are biased toward employees because of “coziness” or intimidation.

Excuses are: we cannot find qualified applicants, we must be competitive, or we cannot retain employees. This is rubbish. There are many able to work at the entry level or are employed beneath their qualifications. Implement individual merit systems for salary increases and suggestion awards. Eliminate “Must Spend All” and recycle savings for local “needs.”

Resolutions toward budget corrections are: a “No” vote message or, minimally, a “countywide” exemption of additional sales taxes.

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