Letter to the Editor

Cease and desist

Shell BeachJuly 7, 2014 

I’ll second that brickbat for “the ornery owner of Ontario Ridge” (“Don’t fence us out of Ontario Ridge,” June 27).

To anyone who’s ever hiked the Ontario Ridge trail: Please show up at Friday’s state Coastal Commission hearing and urge the Commission to issue a cease and desist order, record a notice of violation, and fine the landowner for his blatant and ongoing violation of coastal law.

Go to http://www.coastal.ca.gov/mtgcurr.html and click on Cease and Desist Order No. CCC-14-CD-02 to read the 32-page demolition of Mr. Mc-Carthy’s specious legal claims that he doesn’t have to take those fences down. He does.

Friday’s hearing will be held at Ventura City Hall. Your presence in support of making McCarthy take down the fences, and fining him for blocking trail access, is important!

Mr. McCarthy especially deserves to be the first recipient of the Commission’s new authority to fine those who deliberately block public access to our coast. He should be the poster child and example for all future would-be violators.

For that to happen, the commissioners need to hear it from us. Let them know!

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