Letter to the Editor

Good step to protect

Chief of the San Luis Obispo County Chumash CouncilJuly 7, 2014 

The San Luis Obispo County Chumash Council would like to thank Congresswoman Lois Capps for her introduction of the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act. David Sneed’s excellent front page article June 29 highlighted this Act (“Legislation Would Add to Local Wilderness”).

Congresswoman Capps’ proposal to protect and preserve these beautiful lands is something we always work towards — and have been doing for thousands of years. It is our belief that Mother Earth is very sacred and should be treated as such. If we do not start treating this land and wildlife with the respect that it deserves, we may be living in a concrete jungle before we know it.

Congresswoman Capps’ proposal is another great step towards the goal of protecting our sacred Mother Earth. We would like to encourage anyone who cares about our beautiful coast and its wildlife to stand behind this act. I know we have said it before, but it is the truth: If we do not save it, we will lose it forever.

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