Letter to the Editor

Article was misplaced

CambriaJuly 7, 2014 

Dave Middlecamp’s June 28 “Holiday at the Dunes: Jumping over flames on a 3-wheel ATV” was in the “Top Story” column on the Tribune website. Surely off-highway vehicle condemnation would follow.

Turning to the story, I was stunned to discover a reprinted 32-year-old story, and recognized the placement as a deliberate below-the-belt attack on the state park.

Middlecamp’s other historic reprints are typically found in a separate section. Many readers will see this byline and conclude the behavior took place that week. At first glance, a casual reader would assume this recklessness is taking place that week at the state park rather than a moment captured 32 years ago — if the reader jumps to the article. The Tribune main page clearly identifies WWII stories as historic look-backs — why is this not accorded a historic tag on the front page?

I would like an explanation from the editor and see an apology offered to the State Parks department and Supporters of Oceano Dunes.

Cheap, misleading agenda-oriented journalism. This article should be pulled from the news column.

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