Letter to the Editor

Reconnect with past

Paso RoblesJuly 1, 2014 

This Fourth of July weekend, we should reconnect with what the birth of this great nation was really all about.

True patriots were fighting against a corrupt British government that was being controlled by the East India Company. The Revenue Act, which prompted the Boston Tea Party, was enacted to protect that corporation from competition, and to raise funds to pamper the nobility given privileged roles in the colonies. Today, we face a similar challenge and we need to unite and take our democracy back.

Money is not free speech. Corporations are not people. Exploitative capitalism leads to debt slavery, not freedom. Special interests have corrupted every branch of government and their lobbyists, instead of our elected officials, are writing legislation.

We still have the power to prevent the United States from becoming a Third World country, but all of us, whatever race, religion, or sexual orientation must accept each other as equals to achieve what our founding fathers intended.

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