County announces task force to study impact of fracking

Administrative officer responds to concerns expressed by Cambria’s services district directors

ktanner@thetribunenews.comJune 26, 2014 

The county has responded to concerns expressed by directors of Cambria’s services district about hydraulic fracturing of underground rock in order to extract oil and natural gas.

In a letter sent June 10 to Jim Bahringer, president of the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors, Guy Savage, assistant county administrative officer, said he has formed a task force “to explore the impacts of hydraulic fracturing” and bring a report by late summer or early fall to the county Board of Supervisors “for further education, discussion and options.” 

He said one option “would be a potential prohibition” countywide on the practice often nicknamed “fracking.” He noted that all “the potential environmental effects included in your letter” of June 3 would be explored “as part of the task force’s efforts.”

Those concerns included contamination of groundwater, depletion of fresh water, risks to air quality, noise pollution, surface contamination from spills and flow-back, migration of gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals to the surface, and the health effects of these.

Savage will chair the task force. 

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