Even one vote can change a race’s outcome

Today’s primary election will fill critical roles

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Cuesta College student Paul Boes votes Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, at the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Luis Obispo.

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Four votes. That was the margin of loss in the Grover Beach charter city measure on the 2012 ballot. We recall that tally to make a point: Every vote matters.

If you’ve already submitted your ballot, good for you. If not, make sure you vote today.

Yes, this is a primary election, which is often viewed as a warm-up for the main show in November. But consider, in races with only two candidates on the ballot — Second District supervisor and Morro Bay mayor — the contest will definitely be decided in this election.

A new district attorney could also be selected — the third candidate in that race is a write-in — and in the hotly contested election for Fourth District supervisor, the field will be narrowed from three to two candidates, if not decided outright.

Do not miss this opportunity to fill these critical leadership positions in our communities.

No matter who you support, vote.

The Tribune’s recommendations:

• District Attorney: Tim Covello

• County Clerk-Recorder: Tommy Gong

• 2nd District Supervisor: Bruce Gibson

• 4th District Supervisor: Caren Ray

• Morro Bay Mayor: Jamie Irons

• Morro Bay City Council: John Headding and Matthew W. Makowetski

• Proposition 41, veterans housing: Yes

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