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Irons’ actions just

Morro BayJune 2, 2014 

In a mailer for her mayoral campaign, Carla (Borchard) Wixom leveled various charges against Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons, including firing of the city manager and city attorney without cause or explanation. While Irons is bound by rules of confidentiality and cannot legally explain his motives, there are a few things that have surfaced since the terminations that may shine light on the mayor’s reasoning:

• The permit on our desalination plant was allowed to expire.

• Water rates have not been raised to keep up with the actual cost of water, despite repeated warnings by the state to do so, and instead, reserves have been spent down to pay the debt coverage that Morro Bay owes.

• Documents have surfaced confirming that the city manager conducted her own compensation study, leading to a benefit increase -— an obvious conflict of interest.

Both employees looked away as council members (including Wixom) violated the Brown Act when their severance pay was raised.

And this may be the tip of the iceberg. In my mind, Jamie Irons did what any responsible mayor would do when faced with such mismanagement.

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