Letter to the Editor

True experience

Arroyo GrandeMay 30, 2014 

Everywhere you look, there are campaign signs of all sizes for candidates running for 4th District supervisor displayed on various properties throughout the district. However, one candidate had to remove 50 to 60 illegally placed signs. Those signs were placed along county right-of-ways and private property without permission. That candidate is Caren Ray, who is running as the “experienced” candidate.

Also, according to recent financial reporting, she accepted thousands of dollars from outside the district, including cities such as Culver City and Westlake Village and somewhere in Connecticut. In addition, she has taken over tens of thousands of dollars from two of the largest developers in San Luis Obispo County, including the attorney and employees of those developers. This can be verified by looking at the financial disclosures, available to the public at the county’s website.

Candidate Lynn Compton has been falsely accused of accepting money from “special interests” outside the state. This money is from her family. It is so nice that her parents and cousin in Indiana are supporting their relative. My family is my “special interest” also.

I am backing a truly experienced and honest candidate who knows the law and is not beholden to special interests. That candidate is Lynn Compton.

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