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DA observations

Los OsosMay 30, 2014 

I have had the opportunity twice to moderate debates between Tim Covello and Dan Dow and happily found that both men are smart, knowledgeable and articulate. Friends whose opinions I respect support both candidates, but a couple of observations stand out.

First, this race has an unquestionable “labor vs. management” aspect to it. Mr. Dow is supported by the union to which he belongs and multiple local police unions. Mr. Covello is supported by more than a dozen current and former police chiefs or sheriffs.

It’s revealing, though, that 11 of the 12 sitting judges — who are neither labor nor management nor able to endorse a candidate — have contributed to Mr. Covello’s campaign.

Secondly, putting aside the question of when it happened, that Mr. Dow sees nothing inappropriate in accepting $23,000 in campaign contributions from a single defense attorney — who regularly faces off against the DA’s office — is troubling. If there’s one trait I want in a district attorney, it’s good judgment. That Mr. Dow expects voters to accept that this enormous level of financial support will have no effect on his judgment makes me question that judgment.

I have decided to vote for Tim Covello.

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