Letter to the Editor

Write-in candidate

San Luis ObispoMay 30, 2014 

As the DA’s race winds down, the mudslinging between the front-runners continues unabated. The relentless, mutual attacks on ethics and qualifications degrade the dignity of an office they both aspire to. A rational discussion of criminal justice policy is sadly lacking. In the meantime, write-in candidate Paul Phillips quietly promotes his vision of said policies to anyone willing to click a mouse onto his Facebook site.

Mr. Phillips is unlikely to garner 50 percent of the vote that would win the election next week. Does that mean that a vote for him is wasted? Consider the following: A vote for either front-runner simply rewards gutter politics. Since “None of the above” is not a ballot option, why not express your disdain for the vacuous, vitriolic “campaign” by writing in a vote for someone who has chosen to address the issues, rather than attack his opponents? Also, if Mr. Phillips outpolls either one of his challengers, he becomes a ballot option in November. I, for one, would prefer to defer the selection for another few months than settle for either front-runner.

Write in Paul Phillips for district attorney.

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